EDXC 2017 Conference, SDXL Summer Meeting in Tampere

Programme Guide (edit Jari Lehtinen)
including history of Tampere Radio and Tampere DX Club

Brief History of EDXC (Risto Vähäkainu)

How the EDXC Was Born (Anker Petersen)

Space Weather from Researcher's Perspective (Kirsti Kauristie)

AM DXing at Information Age (Tapio Kalmi)

SDR Play receivers (Jon Hudson)

Music Quiz (Jopi Nyman, Jukka Soini, Jussi Suokas)

Radio Listening in Japan (Toshi Ohtake)

Day Trip DX Pedition in Japan (Toshi Ohtake)

TreDXK 50 vuotta (Jukka Virtanen)