EDXC 2017 Conference, SDXL Summer Meeting in Tampere


EDXC Conference, Tampere (Finland), 18-20 August 2017

How to reach Tampere and Varala?

Flights to Finland

Tampere can be directly reached by international flights from Stockholm, Bremen and Budapest. From Helsinki to Tampere there are several flights daily, so in some cases a continuation flight from Helsinki-Vantaa to Tampere could be used, but generally we suggest that if you intend to come by plane, you take a flight to Helsinki and continue by ground transportation.

Ground transportation alternatives from the Helsinki airport are train and bus. The airport train will take you in less than 10 minutes to Tikkurila station from where there are almost hourly express train connections to Tampere (travelling time 90 to 120 minutes). See VR for details. The bus option is a bit slower but can be somewhat cheaper. The bus departs from the airport, there is normally one change, but it is simple (1-2 minutes). See Matkahuolto for details.

Note that you’ll need to purchase a ticket for the commuting train before entering the train. At the airport railway station there are ticket machines at your disposal. If you are going to Helsinki, you’ll need a ticket for two zones. When going directly to Tampere take a one zone ticket and go to Tikkurila where you’ll change to a train going to Tampere. If you have purchased a ticket to Tampere beforehand, it should cover the local train as well. You can check this at the station, as they should have assisting staff at the platform.

Note also that if you book your ticket to Tampere in advance, you might have a good discount on that. See www.vr.fi (available in Finnish, English, Swedish and Russian). On the other hand keep in mind that VR (The Finnish Railways) will cancel your ticket, if you don’t reach the train in time (e.g. due to your flight being late).

Boats to Finland

You can reach Helsinki by boat from Stockholm or Tallinn. If you will continue by public transport, see www.vr.fi for train connections and Matkahuolto for bus connections.

Coming from Sweden the best option is to take the ferry from Stockholm to Turku (Åbo). From the Turku harbor there is a handy direct train connection to Tampere. See www.vr.fi for details. Bus connections from Turku also available, see Matkahuolto.

By own car

When coming with your own car from Sweden take the ferry from Stockholm to Turku. When coming from the Baltic States take the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki. When coming from Russia there are several points to cross the border. If you come from St. Petersburg the normal border station is Vaalimaa.

In Tampere Varala is located a few kilometers to the west from the city center in Pyynikki on the northern shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. If you don’t have a navigator available, you may use the directions info to Scandic Hotel Rosendal and when passing Rosendal just continue Pyynikintie for about one more kilometer to the west.

Parking at Varala. The parking lot inside the Varala area is small. Parking is also possible outside the gate at Varalankatu including a small sand area there. At the streets Pyynikintie and Tahmelantie parking is not recommended, as this can cause a ticket to you.

Local traffic in Tampere

Access from Tampere train station to Varala. The local bus line 25 has bus stop at Hämeenkatu (main street facing to the west) about 100 metres from the railway station (west side). The schedule for week-days is approximately at the hour, 20 past and 40 past the hour up to 18 hours. Twice every hour in the evening till 23 hours. On Saturday and Sunday twice per hour at about 15 and 45 past the hour. When leaving Varala for the city by bus, please check the schedule at the Varala reception.

The website joukkoliikenne.tampere.fi (also available in English) tells more, but note that they will have summer schedules up to 13th of August, and the schedule for the time of the EDXC Conference will be published right after that.

Access from Tampere bus station to Varala. Perhaps the easiest is the walk about 400 metres to the north to Hämeenkatu and find the line 25 stop (westbound) from there. You can also do this 400 metre by a local bus, please ask the bus station info for details.

A taxi from the city center (including railway station and bus station) will cost around 20 euros, maybe even less than that.

Access from Tampere airport to Varala. There is a bus service from the airport to the railway station at about once in the hour. From the railway station to Varala please follow the instructions above. A taxi is, however, recommended and it is expected to cost 35-50 euros.