EDXC 2017 Conference, SDXL Summer Meeting in Tampere


EDXC Conference, Tampere (Finland), 18-20 August 2017

EDXC 2017 Packages and prices

We offer the following packages for the Conference to make your participation in this anniversary event as flexible and smooth as possible. Please note that all prices are provisional and subject to changes. The organizers of the Conference will handle ALL accommodation reservations centrally with the Conference venue (Varala). So all bookings shall be made through the Finnish DX Association (rv at sdxl dot org).

Full package

Fri-Sun covering two nights in a double room (including breakfasts), dinner and welcome reception on Friday, lunch, sightseeing and banquet on Saturday and lunch on Sunday 240:- euros.

Full package in single room 310:- euros.

Full package excluding sightseeing

Package Fri-Sun excluding the sightseeing, 220:- euros (or 290:- euros in single room).


Kahden hengen huoneessa 240 euroa /henki (ilman kiertoajelua 220 euroa, seuralaisalennus 20 euroa). Yhden hengen huoneessa 310 euroa /henki (ilman kiertoajelua 290 euroa).

Tailored packages:

If you plan to stay only one night in the conference hotel or you will book your accommodation elsewhere, please contact us and tell what kind of services you’ll need and we’ll tailor a package to you.

Spouses and other companions who are not attending the conference lectures will be given a discount of the packages.

Yhden yön paketit

Tiedustele osoitteesta rv st sdxl piste org tarkemmin. Hinta riippuu valituista palveluista, joita on perjantaina päivällinen, lauantaina lounas, kiertoajelu ja banketti, ja sunnuntaina päivällinen. Ja tietysti valinta, onko yhden vai kahden hengen huone. Kahden hengen huone voidaan varmuudella taata vain, jos toinen huonekaveri on myös tiedossa.

Visit without accommodation

The participation fee for the whole conference is 30 euros, for Friday 10 euros, for Saturday 20 euros and for Sunday 10 euros. A visit on Saturday including lunch is 35 euros, and including lunch and banquet is 70 euros. For other options please contact us.


Osanottomaksu koko ajalle 30 euroa, perjantai 10, lauantai 20, sunnuntai 10. Lauantaina osanotto+lounas 35 euroa ja osanotto+lounas+banketti 70 euroa. Lauantaina on lisäksi mahdollisuus osallistua kiertoajelulle, hinta 20 euroa. Tiedustelut os rv st sdxl piste org.


The conference packages and other payments should be made (inside Europe) as SEPA payments to the Finnish DX Association, Annankatu 31-33 C 49 c, 00100 Helsinki, bank giro (IBAN code) FI59 8000 1000 4878 69, BIC code DABAFIHH. The payments should reach us by the end of June 2017.

Maksut Suomesta (payments from Finland)

Suomen DX-Liiton tilille FI59 8000 1000 4878 69, maksuviite 13.